May 8, 2009

a real, working time machine

Was working on some files on my mac last night, editing photographs from a recent trip. It was getting late and I accidentally deleted a directory of images. Now my images are always backed up anyway, on a separate attached storage device, so this wasn't too big of a mistake. There's another copy of the same images on some DVDs, too. But it still would have taken time to go and find them and recovery the images. I'd also have lost the various edits I'd done over the last few hours. Annoying, certainly, but not fatal. However, this is a mac, and I've been running time machine to do automatic backups, to a cheap, 1Tb USB drive I have attached to the machine. It took me about 30 seconds to unroll the damage using that, via the nifty graphical interface. I lost about 10 minutes of work in total. I was impressed by how well it works, much like the daily and hourly .snapshots you get with a much more expensive netapp filer. Seems to have been done right.

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