Aug 7, 2013

DVT Eclipse License under OS X

I find the DVT Eclipse SystemVerilog editor to be exceptionally useful when developing testbenches. One tricky thing to set up when installing these tools in OS X, is how to set an environment variable to point to the license file, for a GUI application.

To set environment variables, they need to be defined before the GUI executes. In OS X this is achieved in the /etc/launchd.conf file (that you probably have to create)

sudo vim /etc/launchd.conf

In that file, set the environment variables using csh syntax. For the DVT license file, the environment variable is DVT_LICENSE_FILE

setenv DVT_LICENSE_FILE /Path/to/dvt.license

Then, reboot your system and the environment variable should be set for all applications. You can check by opening a shell after the reboot and checking the environment variable:


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