Apr 26, 2009



Just installed dd-wrt on my Linksys wrt54g wireless router. I'd been meaning to do this for a while - as an easy way to get a much more functional router than the default firmware shipped by Linksys. What finally motivated me to do it was the recent storm about Time Warner Cable introducing bandwidth caps in Austin. Although TWC seem to have backed down for the moment, they have also recently started disconnecting customers for 'using too much bandwidth' on their infinite bandwidth contracts. The DD-WRT firmware gives me an independent way to monitor my usage and get an idea of how much I typically transmit & receive.  

The DD-WRT firmware install wasn't quite as smooth as the documentation might make you believe. The first time I installed and then tried to update the firmware, I got a fairly unhelpful 'Error 2: Access violation' error from the tftp prompt and not much else. I went back through the management mode initial vxkiller upload and things seemed to work better the second time around. For a while I was worried that I had a brick of router.

Once back up and running, the settings were very similar to the previous Linksys options, so it was quite quick to get the wireless settings and port forwarding, DMZ etc that I was using previously reconfigured. Now I have historical and realtime graphs of bandwidth usage available. Should be interesting to be able to monitor what's going on. If they are cutting people off for using 44GB per week and saying that is “that is more than most people use in a year” I am a little concerned at my 7.2GB in one day. That was a few iPhone development videos from Stanford and then we watched Quantum of Solace last night on the Xbox. Seems like Time Warner consider that aberrant behaviour.

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