Aug 4, 2009

iPhone development

iPhone Simulator

Interested in learning about iPhone development? Want to study at Stanford? Don't want to pay the tuition fees? On iTunesU (the lecture streaming part of iTunes) you can follow along with class cs193p from Stanford, on iPhone Application Development. In addition to the good quality video of the lectures, all of the class slides, handouts and assignments are available, for free. If you have an Intel Mac, you can also download the development tools, iPhone SDK and a simulator, again all free. If you do want to actually develop and test applications on an iPhone or iPod Touch, you'll need to pay the $99 developer fee to get the encryption keys that let you run applications on a phone and allows you to submit apps for the app store. At least for the basics, the simulator is useful as a target platform for testing, although there are differences between it and the final platform. (features such as multi-touch and the accelerometer are hard to test for example, unless you want to start shaking your computer).

Lifehacker recently had an article on all of the educational resources that are becoming available on the web, for free. iTunesU is a good example of the sort of teaching resources that are out there, if you look. The quality is variable, but there are some excellent resources if you are prepared to dig.

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