Sep 18, 2013

UVM Report Servers

I'm a terrible procrastinator when it comes to writing things up or getting around to releasing finished work. As something of a commitment device to try and make me finish something, I submitted an abstract to the Austin Snyopsys Users group about some XML logging functionality I added to the UVM. The commitment device worked, my abstract was accepted and I finally got around to writing the paper, because of the looming submission deadline.

Applications of Custom UVM Report Servers describes a way to convert UVM logging from plain text into a more reuseable XML format. So many tools attempt to extract meaning from plain text files using regular expressions and other potentially fragile parsing methods. Instead, this approach records the log in a structured format that can be reconstructed more effectively, on demand. There is also an example XML parsing GUI that dynamically reformats and collapses log messages for simpler debug. The source code from the paper is available online.

This paper won the Technical Committee Award at the Austin Synopsys User Group.

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