Jul 11, 2008


I've had a Blackberry Curve for a while. Really like having a real keyboard and the screen is big enough to actually browse web pages on and read quite a bit of text. However, the built-in web browser is about the worst I've ever used. Slow, clunky, painful. I have been using Google Reader's mobile view to catch up on RSS feeds and blogs while out and about. A few days ago I downloaded the free Viigo feed reader. A huge improvement! Heartily recommend it.

The setup was a painful, as their web site wasn't particularly fast or flexible to edit feeds. Once I realised you could download an OMPL format list from Google reader and upload it to Viigo things went much more smoothly. You can also link it directly to an aggregator feed, such as Google reader. This then keeps track of feeds that you add or remove from the other viewer, but it doesn't sync up what was read between each view, which would be a really nice feature.

Other than the setup issues, I've found it great to use. Clean interface, fast and without the pain of being in the browser environment. The price is good too!

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